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Grimms Wälder

aus Der Krautesel Liebeskrank ist die siebzehnte Folge der ersten Zwischendurch fällt nicht nur Nick auf das Sgt. Wu scheinbar alles isst was. - Erkunde Kerstin Reithofers Pinnwand „Grimm“ auf Pinterest. Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu | cast-promotional-photos | season-1 | Grimm | Photos. Der Schauspieler Reggie Lee spielte die Rolle von Sergeant Wu in der Serie Grimm von bis Synchronsprecher von Reggie Lee bei der Serie Grimm.

"Grimm": So ist die US-Serie zu Ende gegangen

- Gefällt Mal, 10 Kommentare - Grimm Fanpage #reggilee #wu #breeturner #rosaleecalvert #davidgiuntoli #nickburkhardt “ Grimm ist eine amerikanische TV-Serie über einen Polizisten, der Jagd auf Monster in. Nick Burkhardt ist mit Leidenschaft ein Polizist, der für Recht und Ordnung einsteht. erfährt Nick, dass er der letzte Nachfahre der Grimms ist und Dinge sehen Sergeant Wu ist ein Polizist, der auf dem selben Revier, wie Nick Burkhardt und. - Erkunde Kerstin Reithofers Pinnwand „Grimm“ auf Pinterest. Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu | cast-promotional-photos | season-1 | Grimm | Photos.

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Grimms WГ¤lder AN ILLUSTRATED TREASURY OF GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES by Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Daniela Drescher (Illus) ISBN: books from Pickabook. Die Besetzungsangaben basieren auf unterschiedlichen Quellen und bieten insbesondere vor der Erstaufführung keinerlei Garantie auf Vollständigkeit oder Korrektheit. 3Arts/ Walder Foundation Awardee. Luis Álvaro Sahagun Nuño 3Arts/ Reva & David Logan Foundation Awardee. Meagan McNeal 3Arts/ Walder Foundation Awardee. AJ McClenon 3Arts/ Gary & Denise Gardner Fund Awardee. Emjoy Gavino 3Arts/ Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee.

Daniel Keary 1 episode, Gregorek 1 episode, Diego Hoyos 1 episode, Jared Ellis 1 episode, Boris Myshkin 1 episode, Jim McCabe 1 episode, Hedig 1 episode, Donna 1 episode, Sam Tomas 1 episode, Peter 1 episode, Hector 1 episode, Stacy Balouzian 1 episode, Beverly Bennett 1 episode, Lily Hinkley 1 episode, Selina Golias 1 episode, Emily Troyer 1 episode, Doyle Baske 1 episode, Mark Nelson 1 episode, Malcolm Caulfield 1 episode, Goyo 1 episode, Dan Wells 1 episode, William Stillman 1 episode, Stanton 1 episode, Randy Goode 1 episode, Sanji Raju 1 episode, El Cuegle 1 episode, Sarah Jessup 1 episode, Sylvie Oster 1 episode, Conductor 1 episode, Faith Collins 1 episode, Joshua Hall 1 episode, Forest McCleary 1 episode, Buxton 1 episode, Leo Stiles 1 episode, Anton Krug 1 episode, Quinn 1 episode, Boy 2 1 episode, Kevin Standish 1 episode, Richard Berna 1 episode, Taylor 1 episode, Gary Cardero 1 episode, Special Agent Lofthouse 1 episode, Hans Roth 1 episode, Joe Oliver 1 episode, Elisha 1 episode, Dimitri Skontos 1 episode, Robert Hadley 1 episode, Guy 1 episode, Nancy Keary 1 episode, Barry Kellogg 1 episode, Abel Mahario 1 episode, Trinket Lipslums 1 episode, Female Officer 1 episode, Gus 1 episode, Casey 1 episode, Ron Hurd 1 episode, Sara Fisher 1 episode, Belem Hoyos 1 episode, Dana Tomas 1 episode, Dread 1 episode, Dennis Gladstone 1 episode, Hunter 1 episode, Paul 1 episode, Damien Barso 1 episode, Sven Gunderson 1 episode, Big John 1 episode, Simon George 1 episode, Maggie Bowden 1 episode, Charlie Higginbotham 1 episode, Logan Cobb 1 episode, Felix 1 episode, Benjamin McCullough 1 episode, Mark Holloway 1 episode, Jin Akagi 1 episode, Steiger 1 episode, Anselmo Baledin 1 episode, Adult Kelly 1 episode, Haley Maler 1 episode, Sammy 1 episode, Rocky Babb 1 episode, Holly Clark 1 episode, Sweet Old Lady 1 episode, Sam Bertram 1 episode, Reginald 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Steven Bamford 1 episode, Terrence 1 episode, Donna Reynolds 1 episode, Brandon Kingston 1 episode, Greg Neilsen 1 episode, Tiffany 1 episode, Middle-Aged Driver 1 episode, Woman 1 episode, Clement 1 episode, Brody Crawford 1 episode, George Lazure 1 episode, Guy's Girlfriend 1 episode, Molly Fisk 1 episode, Ray Bolton 1 episode, Dominic 1 episode, Gabriel Martel 1 episode, Emma Gladstone 1 episode, Joy 1 episode, JP 1 episode, Stan Kingston 1 episode, Vanessa 1 episode, Ben Fisher 1 episode, Olga Myshkin 1 episode, Jonvieve 1 episode, Johnny Rodwick 1 episode, Cody Carson 1 episode, Ricky Thornton 1 episode, Raymond 1 episode, Rick 1 episode, Chloe Bennett 1 episode, Andy Harrison 1 episode, Isaac Proctor 1 episode, Lily 1 episode, Knute Gunderson 1 episode, Wayne Dunbar 1 episode, Joan Vark 1 episode, Higginbotham 1 episode, Roger Voorhees 1 episode, Krisztian 1 episode, Paramedic 1 episode, Donald Simpson 1 episode, Paul Maler 1 episode, Mason Wilcox 1 episode, Margaret Cutler 1 episode, Laura Driscoll 1 episode, Dev 1 episode, Adult Diana 1 episode, DEUTSCHE GRAMMATIK CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASED THIS ITEM ALSO BOUGHT.

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Item Details. Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, Daniela Drescher Illus. List price:. Jennifer Lanier Lab Tech 3 episodes. Sophie Soong Reporter 3 episodes.

Cobey Mandarino FBI Special Agent Doug Rosten 3 episodes. Bernhard Forcher Hans Tavitian 3 episodes.

Brandon Quinn Creepy Voice voice 3 episodes. Don MacEllis Shaw 3 episodes. Adam Dunlap Walter Dempsey 3 episodes. Will Rothhaar Officer Jesse Acker 3 episodes.

Dan Kremer King Frederick 3 episodes. Kevin Carroll Arnold Rosarot 3 episodes. Bailey Chase Lucien Petrovitch 3 episodes. Joshua Sawtell Marwan Hanano 3 episodes.

Shelly Lipkin Harrison Berman 3 episodes. Joseph Kathrein Tony Talamonti 3 episodes. Jaime Ray Newman Angelina Lasser 2 episodes.

Erin McGarry Female Officer 2 episodes. Mike Dopud Marnassier 2 episodes. Michelle N. Carter Special Agent Brady 2 episodes.

Karla Mason Dr Bern 2 episodes. Gabriel Salvador Dallas 2 episodes. Rachael Perrell Fosket Harmony 2 episodes. Rick Walters SERT Team Leader 2 episodes.

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Krouse Hundjager One 2 episodes. Carolyn Monroe Hundjager Three 2 episodes. Robert Alan Barnett Matthew 2 episodes. Elizabeth Fournier Tough Looking Woman 2 episodes.

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Cameron Kolkemo Older Girl 2 episodes. George Castillo Doctor Graham 2 episodes. Jared Q. Miller Franz 2 episodes. Alicia Lagano Alicia 2 episodes.

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Rodney Sherwood Henry Slocombe 2 episodes. Ted Rooney James Addison 2 episodes. Nick Krause Jonah Riken 2 episodes.

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Patrick Kwan Officer Soong 2 episodes. Daniel Roebuck Peter Orson 2 episodes. Wil Traval Zerstörer 2 episodes.

Rich Morris Doug Shellow 1 episode. Amy Acker Lena Marcinko 1 episode. Samuel Witwer Max 1 episode. Jason Gedrick Craig Wendell Ferren 1 episode. Josh Stewart Bill Granger 1 episode.

Alice Evans Mia 1 episode. Matt Gerald Arbok 1 episode. Kristina Anapau Megan Marston 1 episode. Kevin Shinick Ryan Gilko 1 episode. Mark Pellegrino Jarold Kempfer 1 episode.

John Pyper-Ferguson Hayden Walker 1 episode. Ryan Sands Special Agent Lofthouse 1 episode. Brian Silverman Special Agent Xavier Kosloski 1 episode.

Max Artsis Ricky Thornton 1 episode. Connor Johnston Damon 1 episode. Ted Dowling Felix Azaceta 1 episode.

Mary Kae Irvin Cindy Turner 1 episode. Jeanne Rogers Nancy Turner 1 episode. Mark Famiglietti Linus Balouzian 1 episode.

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Regi Davis Mason Wilcox 1 episode. Ami C. Ericson Police Officer 1 episode. Debra Pralle D. Hurtz 1 episode.

Dan Considine Sid 1 episode. Emily Rios Frankie Gonzales 1 episode. Mac Brandt Ralph Rotterman 1 episode.

Mario Perez Eddie Otero 1 episode. Charles Baker Dan Wells 1 episode. Logan Miller Pierce Higgins 1 episode. David Katims Cabbie 1 episode.

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Michael King Eli Kemper 1 episode. Sumilang Angeles Wu's Grandmother 1 episode. Freda Foh Shen Lani Thomas 1 episode.

Jonathan Scarfe Reverend Calvin 1 episode. Jeanine Jackson Paula 1 episode. Carson Cook Patrick 1 episode. Jane Bement Geesman Arlene 1 episode.

April Rogalski Ricki 1 episode. Andrea White Briana 1 episode. Jack Armstrong Nathaniel 1 episode. Gary Norman Brewster 1 episode.

Lexi Pearl Mrs. Stanton 1 episode. Steve Rizzo Mr. Jessen Noviello Hargrund 1 episode. Joshua St. James Will 1 episode. Josh Crotty Buxton 1 episode.

Kc Guyer Terrence 1 episode. Tony Doupe Detective 1 episode. Bradford Farwell Leo Stiles 1 episode. October Moore Lily Granger 1 episode. Abby Dylan Jess Reilly 1 episode.

Tim Sampson Terry 1 episode. Roshan Maloney Dog Handler 1 episode. Jeanette McMahon Child Services Woman 1 episode. Sanji Raju 6 8 Linda Alper Katharina Lopinski Dr.

Saunders 3 6 Geoffrey Blake Michael Iwannek Dr. Evans Valentin Stilu Kellner 3 3 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Katharina Koschny Kelly Burkhardt 1; 2 22; 1, 2 Michael Graziadei Sven Gerhardt Ken 3 20 Daniel Fissmer Florian Clyde Kevin 5 8 Nora Zehetner Sonja Spuhl Khloe Sedgwick 2 20 Lili Mirojnick Maria Koschny Krystal Fletcher 2 14 Angela Gots Katharina Spiering Larissa 3 9 Jessica Aalvik Jessica Walther-Gabory Lea 5 8 Nick Chinlund Jan Spitzer Leo Taymor 1 12 Lodric D.

Peter Orson 1 6 Jessica A. Caesar Elisa Bannat Lt. Baske 5 14 Claudia Christian Martina Treger Mrs. Clark 1 7 Mary McDonald-Lewis Luise Lunow Mrs.

Pech 3 LisaGay Hamilton Peggy Sander Mrs. Edwin Gellner Beamter 2 1 8 N. Edwin Gellner Gates 2 20 N. Thomas Fritsch Prologsprecher.

Die Besetzungsangaben basieren auf unterschiedlichen Quellen und bieten insbesondere vor der Erstaufführung keinerlei Garantie auf Vollständigkeit oder Korrektheit.

David Giuntoli. Russell Hornsby. Elizabeth Tulloch. Silas Weir Mitchell. Sasha Roiz. Reggie Lee. Bree Turner. Claire Coffee. Shohreh Aghdashloo. Danny Bruno.

Sharon Sachs. Damien Puckler. Alexis Denisof. Jacqueline Toboni. Philip Anthony-Rodriguez. James Martin Kelly. Elizabeth Rodriguez. Ryan Harter.

Claire Rigsby. Keith Jordan. Brian Tee. Jennifer Brian. Alicia Lagano. Kevin Sheridan. Garrett Hammond. Michael Sheets. Hank Harris. Christian Lagadec.

Basil Harris. Anya Ruoss. Matt Gerald. Danielle Panabaker. Kevin Carroll. David Clayton Rogers. Benjamin Kauffman. Ben Gonio. Jacqueline Obradors.

Reg E. Brian T. Chris Mulkey. Alyssa Diaz. Leah Renee. David Julian Hirsh. Jason Adkins. Danny Mora.

Walter Perez. Romy Rosemont. Anna Campbell. Madeline Brewer. When Craig Wendell Ferren's execution is announced, Hank, who got him convicted to death row, tells Nick that he now believes, knowing about ferals, in Craig's protestation that the murders he's convicted for where committed by such monsters.

After identifying the feral species from a drawing Craig gave the public defender, the detectives find such a family fitting the crime coordinates, but even the murder site has been transformed into a diner and DA Lauren Castro wants the conviction upheld for her political career.

Racing against time, they must prove their suspects committed more crimes while Craig was in jail. Written by KGF Vissers.

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Grimms WГ¤lder Dominick Spinner 1 episode, Nick Krause Butterfly Spiel Kostenlos Riken 2 episodes. John Murray John Harrison 1 episode. Drunk 2 1 episode, Sean C. Katherine Nidaria 1 episode, Tactical Cop 1 episode, Bree Turner Rosalee Calvert 5 episodes. Patty Vetvark 1 episode, Tim Cummings. Clay Pittman 1 episode, Graham Wardle, Actor: Heartland. Graham Wardle was born on September 6th, in Mission, British Columbia. He was raised in New Westminister, near Vancouver with his five siblings. At the age of twelve, Graham landed his first TV role in The Sentinal. He later went on to appear in TV shows such as, The Outer Limits (), Life as we Know it (), and Supernatural (). Q # CALL F NAME L NAME CITY ST/PR Country; 4X1MO: Eran: Abarbanell: Ramat-Hasharon: Israel: 4X1RD: Avraham: Goldstein: Ramat Efal: Israel: A Grimm (Ger. "wrath") is a special person who possesses incredible powers, such as being able to see the true form of Wesen even when the Wesen don't want them to. For centuries, Grimms have taken it upon themselves to police and hunt the Wesen population and to protect normal humans from the unknown threat around them. GRIMM's Spiel und Holz Design We are a family owned and sustainably managed manufacturer at the foot of the Swabian Alb, which produces natural, high quality and safe wooden toys made to officially certified standards. In product development, we are guided by the principles of Waldorf education and other educational approaches, such as Montessori. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. Liebeskrank ist die siebzehnte Folge der ersten Staffel und die siebzehnte Folge von Grimm. Juliette inhaliert den Trank und verwandelt sich in Adalind. War der Ripper selbst nur ein Nachahmungstäter, war er gar von einem Teufel besessen? Der Gruppe D Arzt Diego Hoyos kehrt aus Poker Brantford Dominikanischen Republik zurück, wo er freiwillig als Arzt gearbeitet hat. A Grimm Ger. See the gallery. November 22, August 14, The series premiered in India on Neuseeland Dollar Euro 30, on Colors Infinitywith the first five seasons being broadcast on weekdays Monday-Friday. Sergeant Wu ist ein Polizeibeamter, der auf den Philippinen geboren wurde und mit Nick und Hank zusammenarbeitet. Bei dieser Zusammenarbeit scheint er die „. Der Schauspieler Reggie Lee spielte die Rolle von Sergeant Wu in der Serie Grimm von bis Synchronsprecher von Reggie Lee bei der Serie Grimm. Wu (Reggie Lee) leidet unter den Folgen des Bisses und gerät durch seine neu erwachten Instinkte in Gefahr. Er stellt fest, dass er unter der Wesenkrankheit. aus Der Krautesel Liebeskrank ist die siebzehnte Folge der ersten Zwischendurch fällt nicht nur Nick auf das Sgt. Wu scheinbar alles isst was.

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Peter Bennett lebt mit seiner Mutter Beverly und seiner Schwester Chloe in Portland.


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