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Erstaunliches Willkommenspaket mit bis zu в1000,- an Boni und 200 Freispielen. Sie kГnnen eine Auszahlung anfordern, verbunden ist und so zu einem groГen Jackpot wird. Uit dat je wint omdat de meeste video slots een uitbetalingspercentage hebben van ongeveer!


Lottosend ist ein weltweit agierender Lotterie-Benachrichtigungsdienst, der Ihnen eine einfache und unterhaltsame Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme an den größten. Lottosend. Gefällt Mal · 4 Personen sprechen darüber. Lottosend | You pick the numbers, we'll do the rest! CLICK TO PLAY NOW: LottoSend Erfahrungen - Lotterien aus aller Welt mit dem Lotto Anbieter online spielen und zum Gewinner werden. Ist die Website Lottosend seriös und sicher?

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Lottosend Oktober-Gutscheine: ☆ Astronomische ☝ Top-Rabatte für Lottosend ☝ Zukünftig sparen durch Gutscheine von Lottosend. Der Lottoanbieter Lottosend im Test – meine Lottosend Erfahrung für ☘ 6aus49 ☘ EuroJackpot ☘ EuroMillions ☘ Keno ☘ Glücksspirale ☘ PowerBall. Cashback rabatt bei LottoSend [Multi]. Wir haben keine Cashback rabatt (mehr) gefunden für LottoSend [Multi]. Nach Geschäft suchen. Rabattcodes / Angebote.

Lottosend Buy lottery tickets at Lottosend Video

How to Play Lottery Online with Lottosend

Lottosend. - Unsere Lottosend Erfahrungen

Lottosend bietet seinen Nutzern zudem eine beachtliche Einzahlungsvielfalt und akzeptiert auch einige E-Wallets. Select the amount of shares that you want remove: []. Der Lottoschein wird danach eingescannt in Ihr Konto hochgeladen als auch Ihnen in einer Email zugeschickt. Lottosend ist 10 von Arzt Spiele in Deutschland für Online Lotto Ticket Sites bewertet. Comodo, if you aren't aware, is a leader in cyber security that offers various solutions like firewalls, endpoint Spiele Hacken, SSL certificates, and more. Scrolling down the Lottosend page, meanwhile, gives you more information about their service. They employ a team of agents to purchase lottery tickets for their many customers.

Regardless, we welcome you to join Lottosend. I emailed them earlier today and not have heard back from them.

Is this a scam? I recommend lottosend. Becouse I used this website many times and its was always fast and I can choose a Payment method wherever I wont!

Also, its wery important, the email support has always been very speedy! Good luck for everybody! Dear Sir, i want to know why you pepole cheat and dump me for inr this is against cheating and fraud to indian citizen please check the corrospondance in my mail id jalgaonkarmukund yahoo.

Otherwise, I will suit case in british council for cheating case by lotto send to indian citizen. Best regards, mk jalgaonkar.

Whenever a client of ours complains, we take it very seriously, which is why we went back to check whether a mistake had indeed been done, costing you 80, INR.

Both transaction failed to process and no money was ever taken from you. We checked again with our bank, and confirmed again, no money was charged as both transactions failed to process.

However, if you know otherwise, we would like to address this matter without delay, please contact our support staff at support lottosend.

We would be more than happy to see you again and offer you alternative methods of payment that will better suit your needs perhaps.

For your convenience, we have sent you an email with password recovery instructions in case you forgot it by now, also, for your convenience, at the bottom of the email you will see all of the ways to communicate with our support staff, who work diligently to make your experiences with Lottosend.

Hey Joe, Thanks for the question. I used to buy tickets through ozlotto. Does lottosend allow foreigners to buy tickets or is it restricted to US citizens only?

We have several offices around the world, including in the US, Spain, Italy, Austria and HQ in Slovakia where the company is based. Hey, i am regular purchaser of this online lottery, i just want to ask if get luck to won the jackpot prize how can i get the money… I am non US citizen and no US visa…just asking….

Hi Richie! Once you have the ticket, you will need to personally collect the prize from the official lottery organization. Since we pride ourselves in our ticket messenger service, we advise that you seek legal and financial advice prior to prize collection as we do not provide visa or legal services although we will happily help you fill out your claim forms if needed.

Hi David.. Now that you have started offering group games, can you please explain the process of prize collection if the group wins the Jackpot… That would be very useful and provide confidence to purchase the group tickets that you offer.

Hi Pavel! In regards to our security measures, we have several safety procedures in place to ensure that your ticket is safe and only redeemable for the jackpot by you.

All our agents go through a rigorous hiring process, we only hire the most responsible individuals. Once they are a hired local agent, they sign a legal binding agreement with a lawyer, outlining all lottery tickets purchased and redeemed by them are on behalf of Lottosend and not for their own personal benefit.

Once the ticket is scanned, the agent no longer has access to the ticket. It is counted and stored in a safe only accessible by a third party lawyer.

At Lottosend, we take pride in the integrity of the service we provide so that we can guarantee our customers a safe and responsible service to play lottery games worldwide.

In short Pavel, no need to worry about not receiving your jackpot winning ticket! If ever I win the jackpot and am from the Philippines, does it require me to travel for me to collect the winnings or is there any other option?

Who would arrange for my visa going to the country where the draw was held or where the winnings will be collected?

Official lottery rules do require that the jackpot winner claims their prize in person. For this reason, there is no alternative to collecting your jackpot in the country where the official lottery organization is located.

It will be your responsibility to arrange any visas necessary. For this reason, we advise that you seek legal and financial advice prior to your jackpot prize collection.

We advise that questions regarding our services will be asked and directed to the proper channel of support and not over unrelated blogs so that we can insure a proper and timely answer to any matter, pressing or informative.

If you have any other questions, we would appreciate you writing us at support lottosend. Do you email the winning number and notify the customer if you win a big amount?

What is the procedure? Does customer have to collect in person or there is another option? Dear Shahid Aziz, We notify our customers of any prizes won by email as soon as the official results have been verified.

If you win a small prize, your account will be credited with your winnings as soon as the results are made public. However, hope that clarifies any questions you may have, feel free to contact us for further information at support lottosend.

I had my credit card debit for a ticket purchased, receive a confirmation that some ticket agent was standing in line to purchase my ticket.

Since then no word from these people. I also received an email telling me to look to somewhere in my account where I would find a little box giving me information on my purchased ticket.

There is nothing like that in my account page. Is this a scam or what? Dear Glynn, I have personally checked this issue with our support team and I can confirm both Michelle and Robert from our team were in touch with you in the last 72 hours including your replies BTW… so writing you have not heard a word from us is not accurate.

I hope your future experience with us would be enjoyable and we always welcome feedback in order to improve our website and service. Wow, this is amazing.

You can actually see your real ticket scanned on your account. Perfect feature. I have only good experience with them and I do recommend it.

Play with them on regular basis, games that I would not be able play from here…. We will check out this website often to respond to any need or request.

Thank you very much for allowing proper conversation and an ability to retort. However, we would also like to correct a few errors that were reported here as well as shed some light on the procedures regarding which questions were raised.

What is Lottosend. The name Lottosend. As the name suggests, it contains 2 words that we felt need no further explanation, Lotto and SEND, maybe unimaginative, but simple enough to understand what we do.

Because snail mail gets lost sometimes, we take the precaution to only use courier services and tracking numbers should that be your selection.

The vast majority of our clients are content with the normal service which entails a copy of their Lottery ticket receipt that is uploaded to their personal account, prior to the draw, scanned in High Definition and Color for their enjoyment.

Winning at Lottosend. We are constantly working on expanding our lottery portfolio, and will add more lotteries as time passes. Jackpot tickets require the client to physically be in the country where the draw took place, Lottosend.

Small prizes are credited directly to the personal account, and can be withdrawn in one of 2 ways — bank transfer or Credit Card. The taxes that apply will be clearer and stated in the information page and not in the FAQ as they were.

We invite you to visit us again in the future when many more features will be available or to enjoy the services that are provided, securely, efficiently and enjoyably.

I had my deposit fund deducted in the recent US Powerball lottery. I did not receive any scanned ticket as promised in my email.

I could login with my email, but they said my email was not registered. I wanted to cancel my account but there is no options in the site to cancel your account.

Not happy with lottosend. I want my money back. From what you described, it sounds to me that either your account was canceled, presumably because you requested it to be canceled by email or phone.

Regarding the scanned tickets, those are not sent in an email but are available in your account on the site. If you would like to see them again, we will need to reactivate your account.

Please forward such a request to support lottosend. This was our first time offering the Xmas Navidad raffle and our price is on par with our competition and with our latest promotions considered attractive.

With regards to your claim, it will be checked and if there was indeed a mistake with your winning amount, you will be compensated.

Hi David, thanks for reading us and leaving so informative feedback. Rate LottoSend. Thanks to the large selection there are more than 50 lotteries to choose from and the professional approach of the company, theLotter still remains the favourite of many players.

And if you happen to win, you will most certainly not be the first one. As of today, more than 80 million dollars has already been won with lottery tickets sold through theLotter.

The highest amount that was won with a single ticket is 30 million dollars. Although you might already be more than happy with a prize that is some millions of dollars or euros less.

Essentially, lottery tickets can only be sold in the country in which the lottery is organised. As theLotter has representatives all over the world, they can purchase a lottery ticket locally, on your behalf.

The only thing that you have to do, is select a lottery and hopefully your winning numbers. Right after payment has been received, the rest will be taken care of.

As proof of your participation, theLotter will scan the lottery ticket so that you can view it in your account. It is obvious from the information written on it that this concerns an official lottery ticket.

As such, you can see things like the serial number, the date of purchase and the place where the lottery ticket was purchased. This way, you do not have to worry about your precious lottery ticket getting lost or something else happening to it.

The original is safely kept in a vault, and after the purchase you will, for extra security, receive proof of ownership in your mailbox.

So whether you win a few dozen dollars or the jackpot of dozens of millions: you know for sure that the money ends up with the rightful owner.

And that rightful owner is you, obviously. And this is something that theLotter is quick to jump on. Aside from individual lottery tickets, you can also opt for a subscription, a bundle or a group game.

With a subscription, you automatically take part in the lottery of your choice. This is convenient because you will never forget a single drawing.

Additionally, every tenth lottery ticket is free, making it cheaper as you go along. Are you going for a group game? Then you will purchase a large number of lottery tickets together with other players.

The more lottery tickets, the greater your odds of winning. That money has to be shared with the other lotto players who have joined the online group.

Finally, you can also opt for a bundle. With these, you have the option to combine individual lottery tickets with a group game.

The bundles are all bespoke, so that theLotter has a suitable offering for every kind of player. Almost every country in the world has its own lottery.

Now, not all of these lotteries are represented on theLotter. Because of this huge selection, it might sometimes be difficult to make your choice.

Then The Big is a great option. If you take a subscription on The Big, you will automatically take part in the lottery that has the highest jackpot at that point in time.

Besides The Big, theLotter also has The Smart. For this option, several factors are taken into account: the price of a lottery ticket, the height of the jackpot and the odds of winning something.

Or, rather, raffle — not plural. As of this writing, they currently have only one on tap: the Raffle San Valentin. That said, when the current raffle ends, another one usually takes its place—like the Loteria Summer Raffle.

Definitely not. LottoSend is a perfectly safe place to enjoy your favorite international lotteries. LottoSend will also send a copy of every ticket purchased to your account, so you know you're getting what you paid for.

LottoSend agents will purchase real lottery tickets on your behalf — automatically qualifying you for any winnings down the line.

Yes, as security seems to be taken very seriously by LottoSend. For starters, they utilize a bit GeoTrust SSL to secure connections.

This way, your payment details are safe from prying eyes. LottoSend also assures players that they don't pass data on to third parties, which is something that is nice to hear from companies.

Finally, they also display a Comodo Secure security logo. Comodo, if you aren't aware, is a leader in cyber security that offers various solutions like firewalls, endpoint security, SSL certificates, and more.

LottoSend is a real company with offices from around the globe. They employ a team of agents to purchase lottery tickets for their many customers.

LottoSend makes money by charging a handling fee for each lottery ticket you purchase. This means ticket prices are more expensive than if you were to purchase them yourself, but this is common practice for all lottery agents.

LottoSend's operations are completely legal. That means that playing on LottoSend is legal as well, as long as you live in a country that permits participation in online lottery games.

For starters, players can manually check the website if their numbers have won, but you don't really need to because LottoSend notifies you immediately via email.

If you win the jackpot, you would have to collect your prize in person which means, yes, you would have to travel. I'm not entirely sure what happened there, but I am certain of one thing: newcomers are going to be affected big time.

Now, it severely limits your options. You can always try bank transfers if you don't have any of the other accepted payment methods though.

LottoSend makes it easy for Android users to play while on-the-go. The highly-rated LottoSend app is available for download freely on the Google Play Store.

With the app, you can play any the offered games, check results, save your numbers, and more. Apple users are out of luck, though. However, the LottoSend website is optimized to work on mobile browsers so it's not a huge problem.

All the features work with minimal problems. Still, a dedicated app would've been nice. LottoSend's customer service gets two thumbs up from me.

LottoSend is an online lotto agent, having several offices around the world. The main sales and customer support office is based in Slovakia. LottoSend address is Exchange Plus Investment & Consulting Inc., 34 Calle 42, Panama. Lottosend is a lottery messenger service that lets people play any or all of the big 8 lotteries from their own homes. All you have to do is pick your numbers, or let the random picker do it for you, and they will do all the rest. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Skrill. Simply press the "Play Now" button and you are off and running. LottoSend review. Is the lottery site LottoSend scam or legal, reliable or fake? Apart from assessing the site's services LottoSend review is expected to help players to make their choice “in favor or against” finding out whether LottoSend reliable enough. Lottosend offers a remote and secure concierge service for remote lottery ticket purchase and pickup. 🇪🇺️Last night #EuroMillions results 🎙️ 4 - 21 - 34 - 36 - 37 Luck stars => 3 and 6 <= Next estimated jackpot is € 31,, 🔜 Play From Anywhere In The World 🌍. 7/7/ · LottoSend is a real company with offices from around the globe. They employ a team of agents to purchase lottery tickets for their many customers. Who owns LottoSend? LottoSend is owned and operated by EU-Logistik-Transport, a.s, register offices at Osloboditeľov , Drienov, Slovak Republic. How does LottoSend make money? The latest tweets from @lottosend. Do you agree with Lottosend's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what customers have already said/5(). Kaufen Sie Lose bei Lottosend, der Nummer 1 unter den Online-Lottoplattformen mit den größten Gewinnchancen. Registrieren Sie sich noch heute! Lottosend ist ein weltweit agierender Lotterie-Benachrichtigungsdienst, der Ihnen eine einfache und unterhaltsame Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme an den größten. Play the most popular lotteries from around the world & keep up to date with lotto news at Lottosend. · Beiträge · LottoSend Erfahrungen - Lotterien aus aller Welt mit dem Lotto Anbieter online spielen und zum Gewinner werden. Ist die Website Lottosend seriös und sicher?
Lottosend Visit LottoSend. It offers 10 world lotteries and 10 group plays. If you need to get in touch with their support agents, it's quite easy to do so thanks to the bevy of options at your disposal. Royal Pains Wiki are replied to within 6 working hours, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Once they are a hired local agent, they sign a legal binding agreement with a lawyer, outlining all lottery tickets purchased and redeemed by them are on Lottosend of Lottosend and not for their own personal benefit. The whole system is amazing and they are Texas Holdem Poker Spielen on time with the ticket scan and support chat which is great. With this, you instantly receive a nice bonus. Dear Ginger, We have not been Lottosend to locate an account with the information Loto France provided Polizei Games matches your case. LottoSend's website functions much like any other lottery site out there, so you won't have trouble using it. All the features work with minimal problems.


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